Gin & Gummies

A gin-tonic was something you could absolutely not get me excited about a two years ago. You still can scare my boyfriend away with a gin-tonic. A bitter and acquired taste I really wasn't into, about two years ago. But that all changed with the opening of a new and hip bar in the city where they mainly sold gin and the love of one of my best friends for that said bar.

So I tried it (thanks Milou) and really started digging. The bitterness of the tonic, combined with the floral gin, the addition of little rose petals and pomegranate pips on that lovely summer day, two years ago that really got me into gin. I like it now, two years later, a whole lot.

Since the image of gin-tonic has steered far away of old British ladies drinking it on in the late afternoon, it was time to make it into a bit more fun. So i hopped on the candy wagon and decided to make Gin & Gummies, boozy little gummy bears.

In my opinion a proper gin-tonic all begins with the pairing of the right spices with the right gin. For this batch of drunken bears I used a sweeter gin combined with a floral tonic and a bit of orange zest.
These candies are made using a bear mold I got off the internet, but they can be made in any desirable shape or form, as long as it is a type of silicone mold for easy removal.

If you want them to not loose any of the alcohol and really pack a punch it's important not the heat the candy mixture above 78°C/172 °F, the evaporation point of alcohol. Just to be sure I heated my mixture to 50°C/122°F, which was enough to melt the gelatine.

If you really don't like gin-tonics (like my boyfriend) and want to try another alcohol or cocktail , be my guest! Just swap out the amount of liquid with your preferred booze. 

What would be your favorite boozy gummy bear?

Gin-tonic gummy bears
- 110 grams sugar
- 42 grams gelatine
- 90 ml gin
- 120 ml tonic
- dash of food coloring (optional)
- spices complimenting your gin (optional)
- 1 teaspoon of orange zest (optional)

Soak the gelatine in cold water until soft and pliable. Combine the gin along with the tonic, sugar, spices and zest into a pan and slowly heat the mixture while keeping an eye on your candy thermometer to make sure it doesn't go above 50°C/122 °F. Take off the heat and slowly stir in the gelatine. Add the food coloring if desired and stir. Let it sit for a few minutes to settle any bubbles that might have occurred while stirring. Pour the mixture into your gummy bear molds and pop in the fridge to let them set. Mine took about 20 minutes to set, but depending on your fridge they might take longer.
These bears keep for about 2 weeks in the fridge, but with friends over, they usually don't last that long.

The recipe makes about 250 little gummy bears, so more candy molds might come in handy. I only had one mold available, so I kept my remaining mix on the counter top and worked in batches. If the mixture might firm up on your counter top, just slowly heat it up on the stove or put it into an container and submerge it into hot water.

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